Shrink Ray Studios is a mobile game development company based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2011 by Sebastian Barrotta and Brian Coleman, the company takes pride in creating unique games with high quality and replay value. The goal of Shrink Ray Studios is and forever will be to make apps that are fun, challenging and addictive.

Meet the Team

Brian Coleman

Co-founder, Lead iOS Developer

Brian is a developer, project manager and gaming enthusiast. With fifteen years of new media experience, he loves new technologies and big ideas. And he has a seriously insane collection of video game consoles.

He began his foray into the iOS platform with an interactive storybook for kids called Zoobert's Big Adventure, which taught him the basics of Objective-C. His first iOS game, Bumperrific was a niche hit with fans of the old Canadian Bumper Stumpers TV show.

He's happiest when he's slouched over a tiny macbook screen, in a dark room, alone with his code.

Sebastian Barotta

Co-founder, Creative Lead

Sebastian is a graphic designer, web developer and iPhone addict. With over 500 apps on his phone, he knows exactly what makes a great game and he intends to make plenty of them.

He approached Shrink Ray Studios with the concept for Connect Poker and has been deeply involved in the usability, sound design and graphics from start to finish. Since then, he's been busy dreaming up new ideas for games that will change the iOS landscape forever. Or at least warp it to his liking.

He enjoys primary colours and designing shiny buttons.